What are Personal Data Accounts (PDA)?

Personal Data Accounts are a new (patent pending) cloud-based technology that enable individuals to collect, store, process and use their own personal data. Personal Data Accounts are powered by a personal data server called the "HAT Microserver". They provide full ownership and legal rights to its contents enabling individuals to contract and license their data in real time and on demand to websites and applications. Individuals can also give websites and applications permissions to read and write data into their designated PDAs. Personal data accounts are usually issued to individuals within apps and websites when they register with the app/website. Personal Data Accounts are useful for organisations to store data that belong to their users, giving control back to their own customers while enabling their customers to reuse and reshare across other apps. It is scalable for the largest apps and contains built-in robust security. Personal Data Accounts also enable individuals to install pre-trained tools (supplied by organisations or data scientists) to generate “edge” analytics and private AI insights where the output data is returned back into the PDA and websites and apps can ask their users to share those insights with their websites and applications.
Individuals can see the data in their PDA through their PDA dashboard.


  • Issued within an application, owned by the user
  • Ready-made HAT Microserver technology
  • Decentralised data ownership to the user, fully scalable
  • Secure and suitable for sensitive data
  • Developer-trusted, with robust security
  • Fully user-owned, fully-shareable, on-demand and in real time
  • Automatic scalability for even the largest apps
  • Edge analytics and private AI / machine learning

Types of PDAs

Standard PDA

  • Default PDAs

Contracted PDA

  • PDAs issued for Enterprise clients e.g. for students, employees, with joint rights and conditional access of a PDA, read more here.

Regulated PDAs

  • PDAs issued for regulated persons e.g. children, vulnerable people and deceased - data rights are subject to legal conditions

Additional PDA Features

  • HIPAA de-scoped (applications using PDAs do not need HIPAA certification as individuals store their own data)
  • FCA Certified
  • ISO 27001
  • 2FA
  • Multi region
  • Multi language
  • Web hooks
  • Edge computation for private Insight data