Dataswift ONE Solution Design

Dataswift One Solution Team

Common issues we advise on:
  • The objective with the infrastructure and the distribution of the data (see here).
  • The insights & analytics to be produced
  • The flow of data and business models

Stewardship of Personal Data, at scale

All data exchanges between your website/application and the individuals’ PDAs are legal contracts. Dataswift TRUST is our service to clients to enable responsible handling and management of data so that the appliçation can pass Dataswift governance and go live. We provide data architecture, data conduct, impact assessment and design recommendations for your PDA-integrated application so that you can focus on building a trusted service to your users.

Data Architecture Policy

The Data Architecture Policy is a design document that proposes what data should be stored where - whether on device, on your backend server, or on the PDA. the policy is a design artefact that will impact on compliance, data protectiom impact assessment and privacy impact assessments. Getting the data architecture policy right for your system means less problems later. The data architecture policy weighs the tradeoffs of privacy, security, costs and performance when decided what personal data should be placed at which location for your application.

Data Conduct Policy

Data conduct policy is a design document that describes the flow of data between device, PDAs and backend servers. They ensure that data processing, sharing and computation is managed responsibly and transparently.

DPIA/PIA templates

The Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates are design recommendation documents that enable the company to answer to their data protection officers when building on PDAs.