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HAT Community Foundation

HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is a “non-profit” company established as a social enterprise to Regulate and Innovate the HAT ecosystem of HAT Microservers on behalf of HAT Owners world-wide (an individual who has a HAT Microserver). HCF’s mission is to grow a world-wide, innovative ecosystem for personal data exchange based on the HAT open source ethical technology to best serve the interests of HAT Owners everywhere.
To do this HCF comprises two functional parts:
  • Governance – and member services focusing on regulation, oversight and development of the HAT ecosystem in conjunction with an independent HAT Ethics and Governance Board
  • Innovation – with HAT-LAB facilitating innovation and growth of the HAT ecosystem by influencing policy and supporting both academic research and industry adoption (impact).
As a company limited by guarantee HCF, or the Foundation, has no beneficial ownership and is reliant on membership fees, public and private sector grants, and philanthropic gifts for funding. It has been established as custodian of the HAT open source ethical technology to work with organisations and individuals world-wide who have an interest in, or imperative for the ethical use of personal data for the benefit of the individual, business and society.
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