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HAT Community Foundation

The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is established as a company limited by guarantee (a for-profit, non-stock enterprise with no beneficial ownership), acting as an impartial and legitimate non-statutory regulator responsible for the “regulation of a digital exchange for the exchange of personal information for the public benefit”. Its role therefore is to ensure that the commercial interest of Dataswift and ecosystem applications are balanced with those of PDS owners in accordance with the original HAT research project goals for data privacy, ownership, visibility, value, and control.
The HCF owns a guardian share of Dataswift and sits on its board, to ensure directors perform their fiduciary duty to uphold Dataswift’s complementary social purpose “to operate for the public benefit, a digital exchange for the exchange of personal information including data processing, hosting and related activities”.
HCF was established following guidance from the RCUK-funded, six-university HAT project to nurture and regulate the ecosystem on behalf of PDS owners, application owners, and commercial partners. Founding university members are active on the board, and meet regularly on the foundation’s ethics and oversight roles. The foundation is funded through 5% of Dataswift revenues.
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