Dataswift believes that the modern conduct & structure of digital enterprises, the web and individuals is inefficient and flawed.
Specifically, Dataswift solves the following flaws that lead to the situation above:
  • The growing distrust by individuals and their data with organisations
  • The lack of autonomy and control at the individual level of their [personal] data
  • The lack of transparency and responsibility over personal data between the organisation and the individual
  • The costs of setting up and maintaining servers for the storage of personal data
  • The costs of adhering to regulations and laws regarding data and the resulting reduced mobility & fluidity of data
  • The growth of the personalisation of services & products has hit a ceiling and allows only a snapshot of the data subject rather than a 360 degree view
  • Data is an undervalued asset in the eyes of most outside of the tech giants (a la Google, Facebook, et al)
  • Development & deployment are time intensive, slow to implement, and expensive (RE identity & authentication)
  • Security is internalised by many organisations and so the risk level is high
Dataswift does what it does because it believes that it'll permit the flourishing of both individuals and organisations alike. And, that the blanket recognition of data as an asset will bring about the redistribution of value created through the data supply chain.
Last modified 6mo ago