Dataswift is a data technology network company. Our patent-pending decentralized data server (DDS) infrastructure provides data accounts to power a new generation of data wallets and elevate customer data into an asset, while amplifying customer experience with real time, on-demand information. We are a commercial spin-out from a >$10m research programme into the data economy.
Today, we help our clients build their data ecosystems and scale them to achieve exponential growth and revenues from data. We believe that in the future, every organization will want Data Accounts to function efficiently in the digital economy. Data Accounts will be as fundamental as bank accounts, and data transactions as fundamental as payment transactions.
We’re helping organisations move into the new paradigm of personal data management - and step away from costly and complex issues including:
  • Increased regulation means personal data is an ever-growing risk and liability, legal exposure & costly resource due to multiple data regulations globally.
  • Responsible handling of personal data (identity, location) is becoming more complex and costly, with breaches leaving your brand reputation at stake.
  • Consumers shifting perceptions and demands on data ownership, privacy and data responsibility - leading to reduced trust, and negatively impacting growth.
  • Reduced data mobility misses opportunities to leverage shared services, to provide personalisation and access to valuable insight.
Dataswift provides simple solutions to build on better foundations.
Give customers back ownership of their data through frictionless provision of Data Accounts for website/app users, enabling private storage and processing capabilities.
Rebuild relationships through first-party contracting real-time and on-demand, time-based permissions & granular data access with differential privacy, along with governance rules for contract setup, and a reduced attack surface.
Easily manage your user-base and their data via our API-driven platform, scalable from the smallest and simple apps to larger, complex and regulated systems.
You and your customers can benefit from:
  • Having an engaged relationship based on trust
  • Knowing that data is collected, stored and used responsibly
  • Co-creating personalised services collaboratively
Every website and app in the next ten years will have changed the way they store, use and transform personal data. Don’t wait to unlock the benefits of giving, taking and using data responsibly.
Dataswift guides our clients each step of the journey towards data responsibility.
  • Discovery: helping you to explore how modern data responsibility can help your business;
  • Design: identifying the most effective routes to solutions; Build: providing tools and support for your technical deployment;
  • Operate: ongoing support and scaling of your implementation.
Dataswift is the leading authority in delivering the data economy 2.0:
  • Developed out of an impeccable research pedigree: Universities of Cambridge, Warwick, UWE, Nottingham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Surrey, Alan Turing Institute
  • Building upon open source HAT technology with proprietary platform innovation
  • First to fully resolve the technical, legal & commercial barriers to tangible implementation of personal data storage and usage at scale, and offer a truly integrated ecosystem platform with full governance and oversight.
Working with globally recognised brands and organisations to unlock significant and tangible benefits now.