Dataswift’s provide four types of services:

1. Infrastructure Services

Dataswift operates the Dataswift ONE Platform. Dataswift ONE Platform exists in three parts. First is the provisioning of Personal Data Servers (PDSs) for individuals at the request of websites and applications, (data rights); second, the technical, economic, and legal services for collecting, storing, processing and sharing i.e. the movement of data into and from PDAs (Data mobility) and third, the access controls and visualisation of PDA Data by individuals through their PDA dashboard. More on Dataswift ONE platform here.

2. Solutions Design

Rearchitecting centralised systems for optimal rearrangement between the centre and the edge (PDAs) require an understanding of data and solution design patterns. The expertise for this across multiple use cases and industries is a capability that Dataswift has nurtured over its years of working with multiple applications and through research at 10 universities.

3. Data Passport Services

Enable third party data to be acquired from data sources through data connectors; manage, maintain and use first party data on a client application with Data Passporting feature built in; enable sharing of bundles of data with third parties through Data Passes and enable the discoverability of Data Passes by other businesses through the Merchant Data Terminal.

4. Marketplace Services

Enable the formation of marketplaces from within your app, partnering with complementary services to provide value added services to your customers. Recruit partner services and create new Data Passes to optimize your network.
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