Mission, Purpose and Values

Mission Objectives

Enable everyone to benefit by providing the essential infrastructure and tools to give, take and use data responsibly.
And for...
Every enterprise to want to use PDAs to manage their customers personal data
Every individual to need a PDA to function efficiently in the digital economy
A PDA to be as fundamental as an email, phone number and bank account


Realising personal data as an economic, knowledge, and labour resource to empower the individual and create value with organisations.
Personal data exchange for public benefit.
Personal data is the digital version of each individual and basic human rights should apply meaning individuals should benefit from ownership and control of their personal data.
Dataswift’s product design imperative isn’t just building an exchange of personal data, but that of creating the digital twin of a person. Dataswift’s product is therefore the value and empowerment of individuals’ digital twins to organisations, governments and society.


  • Empowered
    • We believe in empowerment of our staff by giving agency through choice.
    • Empowers individuals by giving agency through data ownership.
  • Responsible
    • We believe in enabling responsibility in choices.
    • Enables individuals to be responsible in their empowerment over their data.
  • Unique
    We believe in diversity and inclusion as a right to stay unique and still belong in society and community.
    Believes in the diversity and meaning of data as unique to every individual.
  • Resourceful
    • We believe being resourceful in the way we can change society.
    • Believes in data as a new asset class and resource for individuals to change the Internet.