How we provide the technology, solve problems and earn revenues


Through the provision & maintenance of the servers, microserver &/or PDA infrastructure, Dataswift solve the problems it has set its sights on by:
  • Securing the trust of/between individuals with organisations, entities and institutions, through transparency, accountability and responsibility [of data exchanges].
  • Encouraging and allowing full autonomy by the individual over their data.
  • Facilitating the next move of the digital economy (2.0), hyper-personalisation & delivery of services & goods to individuals.
  • Externalising the risk & costs of data security (and insecurity!) and data management.


Dataswift provides the digital architecture and infrastructure for an individual to own their own data - their digital self. While also providing the ability for an entity to also own a digital copy of itself and for the two distinct parties to interact & exchange over equivalent legal and technical grounds.
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