Introducing Dataswift
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Dataswift is a global technology and economic solutions company that provides the essential infrastructure and tools to give, take, and use data responsibly, enabling everyone to benefit from the data economy. Read more.


Dataswift provides the digital infrastructure & architecture to facilitate more fluid interactions between individuals, organisations and the web, and believes in a world where the individual owns their own data. Read more.


Dataswift enables everyone to benefit from the data economy, by providing the essential imfrastructure and tools to give, take and use data responsibly. Dataswift manages a Personal Data Account Management infrastructure for Organisations to manage their people's personal data (customers or employees). Read more.


Through the provision of personal data servers, a technology that enables individuals to store their data in their own personal data accounts (PDA) within their secure server, and enable their data to create value with innovative services. Read more.


To give every individual on the planet a “Personal Data Account” (PDAs) and enable their data to become a high value, regulated asset.
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